eugenia nobati-luciana fernandez

BichosbolitaĀ“s Biography

In 2008 Luciana Fernández and Eugenia Nobati started a common illustration project. Since then this reunion called Bichosbolita (rolly polly bug) has illustrated children’s books and stories for educational market.

Gatos eran los de antes, Estaba la rana, La señorita Leona, Dame un besito, and the 4 titles serie Juana la Iguana, are the books illustrated untill now.

Bichosbolita has participated in the collective exposition De viajes y Viajeros, with Foro de Ilustradores de Argentina in 2003, and Cuentos x Cuatro in 2008, both in Buenos Aires.

Luciana Fernández is sculptor and illustrator, in this field she makes plasticine relief and collage. Eugenia Nobati is drawer and digital painter. The intention is to combine this two skills in a different way every time, always looking for a new image.

I worked with Eugenia Nobati and Luciana Fernández in several occasions and I found that they make a highly professional team, which deliver creativity and a particular sense of joy in every page. Together they create a unique blend of textures and colours. As an editor, I would recommend them without doubts to any colleague. - Guillermo Höhn, Editorial Director, Pictus

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