Agustín Comotto

Agustín Comotto´s biography

Agustín Comotto was born in 1968 in Buenos Aires Argentina. For three year he attended Alberto Breccia's workshops on comic strips.

Agustín worked in several Argentinean comics magazines since 1996. He started illustrating children books in 1997 for the publishing house Estrada, in Argentine. In 1999, he moved to Barcelona (Spain) where he works for different publishers like La Galera, Anaya, Ediciones B, Edelvives, Ediciones S.M., etc. He also worked to for Ekaré (Venezuela), Fondo de Cultura Económica de México, Ediciones del Eclípse (Argentina) and Lapis Edizione (Italy).

Prizes, Awards and Mentions

2000 - "A la orila del Viento” Prize, by the Mexican Fondo de Cultura Económica, with his children book "Seven Millon Beetles"

2000 – "Seven million beetles" was also mentioned in The White Raven (Munich, Germany) as one of the 100 recommended books of the year

2007 – First Mention as “Mejor album ilustrado”, Argentinean ALIJA, with his book "El Comelibros

2008 and 2010 - Nominated for JUNCEDA awards with his book "Andivinalles" for the Catalonian Illustration Association (Spain) and Peter’s Schlemhil wonderfoul story.

Exhibitions, Events and Catalogues

2005 and 2006 - Participation in Sarmede Catalogue (Mostra Internazionale D’Illustrazione per l’Infancia, Sarmede Italy), respectively 22nd and 23rd exhibitions

2008 and 2009 - Participation in "Il Colore del Sacro" exhibition and catalogue (Museo Diocesano di Padova, Italy)  

2003 - International Seminar “Fomento a la Lectura” in Mexico DC


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