Anita Morra

Anita Morra's Biography

Anita Morra (a.k.a Porcelanita) was born the 24th February 1985, on a hot summer day, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She’s been drawing and painting since she could hold a pencil on her little hand. Now she’s a grown up girl, but her passion for illustrating is as strong as back then. Creating magic worlds and spaces using the imagination is the premise, focusing mainly on children illustration. Still learning, she keeps finding new ways and techniques to narrate through images.

Anita has studied Graphic Design at University of Buenos Aires (UBA); Pencil, Gouache and Watercolour techniques with Master Oscar Rojas, at Sotano Blanco School of Art | She has worked in the communication industry, as a Designer, Creative, and Editor/Animator for an agency's audiovisual department. Nowadays, she's fully committed to illustration.


Anita is a Graphic Designer, a member of the Argentinean Children Illustrators' Forum, and also, a Teaching Assistant at illustration classes by Master Oscar Rojas. She likes coffee, crushing dried leaves with her feet, and the sound of the rain.

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