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Nicolae Negura's Biography

I am an illustrator and graphic designer from Romania, presently living in Lisbon.

I am an illustrator and graphic designer from Romania, presently living in Lisbon.

I have graduated and mastered in Graphics (Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Iasi, Romania). By the time I was finishing my second year of university, some academic assignments made me fall in love with illustration and I figured out that it was what I really wanted to do. 

Winning a prize for a gallery of digital art led me to consider the digital media as a path but, as I couldn’t leave totally the traditional techniques, I decided to combine both and use them depending on the needs of each subject. 

When I started working as an illustrator, I have participated in some competitions. Then I have worked with some magazines, websites, many portfolios and online publications, posters for events, children books and illustration bank companies.

I consider myself to be a storyteller, I pick simple stories from my daily life, I transform them into something fantastic or metaphoric and afterwards I seek the best way to express all this through illustration and comics.

Being a freelance illustrator isn’t easy, but for me is one of the best things I could ever have chosen to be: every subject, every brief is a challenge that makes me happy. The way my work gets appreciated and criticized keeps me evolving constantly.


2005 - Third Prize at the National Olympiad of Fine Arts (Iasi), section: traditional painting

2007 - First prize for “Atelier BD” with the comic “Assommons les Pauvres” of Charles Baudelaire

2008 - Third prize for the contest Pixel Upgrade Challenge of The 115 Digital

2012 - First Prize at ETIC Ilustra Caminhos contest

2012 - Participation in Creative Allies website contest, to creat art for Nelly Furtado - Spirit Indestructible

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